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Our Yeoman Tonic Syrup is a unique tonic created to pair perfectly with Beefeater Gin. The ceremonial guards at the Royal Palace and Tower of London, popularly known as “Beefeaters,” are formally the Yeoman Warders of Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London. In a nod to Beefeater, we've taken the liberty of borrowing the name Yeoman for our Yeoman Tonic Syrup. Inspired by Beefeater’s pioneering founder James Burrough, this syrup was developed in collaboration with eminent master distiller Desmond Payne to produce flavors that complement Beefeater Gin using the highest quality whole aromatics. Less bitter than our original Tonic Syrup, YeomanTonic boosts the citrus profile to accentuate the ingredients used in Beefeater Gin, and, as always, red cinchona bark provides an earthy spine and amber color.

Add ½ ounce to a highball glass with 2 ½ ounces of soda water, a shot of your spirit of choice and ice; top with a lemon or lime slice.

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Yeoman Tonic Syrup

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